Responsible Investment

Each of our Funds integrates environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) into their investment process and complies with our responsible investment policies. We also offer a specialist Fund range that takes the application of responsible investment practices a step further.

SRI and Thematic ESG funds

Our Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Thematic ESG Funds take a broader approach to ESG integration depending on their philosophy, investment process and Fund Manager’s convictions. These funds can feature a wider range of investment exclusions, a low carbon footprint objective, a thematic bias or a positive screening filter.

  • SRI Funds adopt a socially conscious approach to investing (e.g. excluding high carbon-emitting or unethical sectors, or investing in companies contributing positively to the planet).

  • Thematic ESG Funds adopt a thematic (E, S or G) investment approach (e.g. investing exclusively in companies actively addressing or contributing to climate change mitigation).

Choose from the different SRI and Thematic ESG Funds below:

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, an EU Act that requires asset managers to classify funds into categories: “Article 8” funds promote environmental and social characteristics, “Article 9” funds have sustainable investments as a measurable objective.

Read our Sustainability related disclosures, ESG Integration, Exclusion, Climate, Voting and Transparency Code policies, plus our Carbon, Engagement and Voting reports.