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What makes us different?

Carmignac is an independent asset management firm established in 1989 on three core principles that still stand true today: entrepreneurial spirit, human-driven insight and active commitment.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • A team of independent thinkers.

  • The freedom to perform independent risk analysis.

  • The courage to translate it into strong convictions and implement them.

Human-driven Insight

  • We enhance data analysis with human intelligence to better manage complexity and evaluate hidden risks.

  • A collaborative culture of debate, on-the-ground work and in-house research.

  • Our fund managers undertake several visits to evaluate, first-hand, investment decisions.

Active commitment

  • All Carmignac’s equity capital is owned by the Carmignac family and staff.

  • We provide transparency on our investment decisions and will always be accountable for them.

  • We are committed to trying harder and better to actively manage our clients’ savings over the long-term.