Throughout its history, Carmignac has employed highly engaged individuals. We are a family business with a unique people-driven culture.


Maxime Carmignac highlights the four core values of the Carmignac culture.

We are not looking for a specific school or a special background. For us this is more about mindset and potential. We want agility, we want creativity, and we want entrepreneurship.
[Management Team] Carmignac Maxime

Maxime Carmignac

Chief Executive Officer, Director of Carmignac UK Ltd.

Our values


  • The independence of Carmignac gives sense to what we do and inspires employees to actively participate and take ownership.


  • We bring our speech in line with our actions in every way: towards our clients, our team members, and ourselves.

Team Spirit

  • Our strength is a result of the combination of talents, skills, and qualities of all employees. We stand together in all times.


  • We are confident to ensure we do what we believe in.


In a competitive, ever-changing world, it is our duty to protect and enhance the employability of our staff. Our strong professional training programme enables us to provide our staff with the technical support they need to maintain their cutting-edge expertise and hone the interpersonal skills that are key to collective success.

In 2022, we organised more than 395 training initiatives in which 202 employees participated:

  • 44% in the field of personal development
  • 44% in business expertise
  • 9% in foreign languages
  • 3% devoted to IT tools and other topics

We continued our digital transformation program with a series of webinars featuring both internal and external speakers.

We have also developed a six-month HR-led onboarding process for new recruits, which includes:

  • Induction Day: two days of meetings in Paris to learn about each of the firm’s departments
  • A buddy, who partners with the new employee and is responsible for offering advice and guidance regarding the day-to-day aspects of working at Carmignac

The buddy may also offer encouragement and knowledge resources, as they help introduce the new employee to the Carmignac culture.


Working at Carmignac is an enriching experience. It means leaving your comfort zone and learning from others. Read what our employees have to say.

Isabella Zurek:

I have been at Carmignac in Frankfurt am Main since 2013, today in the role of Senior Account Relationship Manager.

My colleagues are very diverse, competent and committed, which I particularly like. Most speak several languages and or have already lived somewhere else and experienced a different culture. What we have in common is that we want to solve things, and everyone does their part. Compared to large companies, things are completely different in a family business. I know my colleagues and vice versa personally, which also includes management. The way we work is also less hierarchical and people think in a solution-oriented manner outside of their job description.

You might think that after ten years of working at Carmignac, time would stand still, but the requirements are constantly changing. In addition to different market conditions, regulations and the increasing focus on ESG criteria bring different requirements for each customer group that need to be understood and met. Currently the focus is on data. I'm excited to see how the future will change with artificial intelligence and new technologies such as tokenization. Personally, I always enjoy learning new things and applying my previous experience from different areas.

Essentially, everyone here always learns to leave their comfort zone and that's what makes the people here so special.
[Global Reach] Isabella Zurek

Isabella Zurek

Senior Account Relationship Manager

Life at Carmignac

The people who work for us remain our most valuable assets. It is our duty to create a work environment within which they can develop and flourish.

Every year, all our employees get together in Paris for a sports challenge.

Every year, we organise a concert for our clients, with whom we share a love of music.

Every two years, we hold a leadership seminar during which the firm’s most experienced staff exchange ideas and reflect on the firm’s future and strategy.

Every two years, we arrange a weekend teambuilding event, which is an opportunity to bond over the firm’s shared values during a joint activity.

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