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Carmignac Patrimoine

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The soul of Carmignac Patrimoine

Carmignac Patrimoine is more than a fund, it’s a philosophy. Over the past 25 years, through a combination of journeys taken, lessons learned and the people we’ve met, our story continues to unfold. Whether old friends or new acquaintances, we look forward to enjoying the next chapter of the Patrimoine adventure with you.

The origins

The soul of Carmignac Patrimoine rests on solid foundations

At Carmignac, the word that best describes our asset management philosophy is “Patrimoine”. In English, the closest translation would be ‘heritage’. Since 1989, the concept of Patrimoine has come to represent the success and longevity of Carmignac, and our aim of achieving robust, steady performance, based on a culture of long-term wealth planning.

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The components

A diversified strategy through long term performance drivers

Our in-depth macroeconomic analysis is fundamental in determining the allocation amongst asset classes and the long-term investment themes. The portfolio’s construction is a result of Fund managers’ views and market analysis, it has no bias to any benchmark.

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The heart

Risk Management is key

The ability to manage market risks effectively has been a cornerstone of Carmignac’s investment style for many years. This capability, built up over the years, was put to the test on a large scale for the first time in 2002 and then again on multiple occasions including in 2008 when Carmignac Patrimoine managed to mitigate the risk of its customers’ capital throughout highly turbulent markets.

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