Annual dividends distribution - 2023

Published on
23 April 2024
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I, the undersigned, Christophe PERONIN, acting in the name and on behalf of CARMIGNAC GESTION, a management company authorised by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers under number GP 97-08, with its registered office at 24 place Vendôme 75001 Paris, hereby declare that it is the intention of the management company to pay the following distributable income for year 2023 to holders of the units indicated below and as follows:

FR0011269083Carmignac Sécurité (AW EUR YDIS)
FR0011269182Carmignac Investissement (A EUR YDIS)0.00103.53103.533.17
FR0011269349Carmignac Emergents (A EUR YDIS)0.0071.8471.842.47
FR0011269406Carmignac Absolute Return Europe (A EUR YDIS)3.8022.4326.233.80
FR0011269588Carmignac Patrimoine (A EUR YDIS)0.9914.9415.931.75

By signing this written agreement, the undersigned members of the board of directors of Carmignac Portfolio (the “Board of Directors”), a Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable (SICAV – open-ended investment company) established under Part I of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010 on undertakings for collective investment (the “Fund”), decide, to distribute the following dividends to the holders of the shares listed below for the year of 2023:

LU0807689152Carmignac Portfolio Grande Europe (A EUR YDIS)0.007.317.313.33
LU0807690168Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond (A EUR YDIS)1.520.001.521.60
LU0807690911Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Patrimoine (A EUR YDIS)
LU0992631050Carmignac Portfolio Flexible Bond (A EUR YDIS)23.710.0023.7123.71
LU1299305356Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine (A EUR YDIS)
LU1299306677Carmignac Portfolio Sécurité (AW EUR YDIS)1.830.001.831.83
LU1792391242Carmignac Portfolio Emergents (A EUR YDIS)0.423.604.021.26
LU1792391671Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine (F EUR YDIS)0.710.000.711.64
LU1792391911Carmignac Portfolio Sécurité (FW EUR YDIS)
LU1792392216Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond (F EUR YDIS)1.780.001.781.78
LU2139905785Carmignac Portfolio Grande Europe (F EUR YDIS)0.125.775.892.64
LU2369619742Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine Europe (F EUR YDIS)0.890.000.891.45
LU2490324840Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine Europe (A EUR DIS)
LU2278973172Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond (F USD YDIS HDG)1.970.001.971.97
LU2346238343Carmignac Portfolio EM Debt (F USD Y DIS HDG)1.300.001.301.73
LU2420652989Carmignac Portfolio Grande Europe (IW GBP YDIS)
LU2427320739Carmignac Portfolio Grandchildren (FW GBP YDIS)0.000.670.671.54

Notice Date: 13 March 2024
Record Date: 29 April 2024
Execution Date: 30 April 2024
Payment Date: 15 May 2024