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Monthly dividends distribution – November 2019

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Dear shareholders,

The Board of Directors of the SICAV Carmignac Portfolio has announced the terms and conditions for the dividends distribution of the Funds listed below.

ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (EUR)
LU1299302684Unconstrained Euro Fixed Income A EUR1.16
LU1299302098Unconstrained Global Bond Income A EUR0.27
LU1623762926Unconstrained Credit A EUR0.20
LU1623763494Unconstrained Emerging Market Debt A EUR0.31
LU1163533422Patrimoine Income A EUR0.31
LU1163533349Patrimoine Income E EUR0.30
LU1163533778Patrimoine Income F EUR0.32
ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (GBP)
LU0807690242Unconstrained Global Bond Income W GBP Hdg0.28
LU1748451231Unconstrained Global Bond W GBP0.27
LU1163533935Patrimoine Income F GBP Hdg0.33
ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (USD)
LU0992630326Unconstrained Global Bond Income E USD Hdg0.31
LU0992628692Patrimoine Income E USD Hdg0.35
LU1792391838Patrimoine Income A USD Hdg0.36
ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (CHF)
LU1299301876Unconstrained Global Bond Income A CHF Hdg0.26
LU1163533695Patrimoine Income A CHF Hdg0.30

Notice Date: 05 December 2019
Record Date: 09 December 2019
Execution Date: 10 December 2019
Payment Date: 20 December 2019

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